Tacchini New Collection 2020

The idea of flight as a metaphor for creative freedom is the conceptual fabric from which the products in the new Tacchini collection arise – emblematic of emancipation from fleeting fashions and the celebration of timeless, decontextualized creative intuition. Tacchini unveils the culture of beauty that is based on research and designs, ideas, arts and people. It showcases the dual spirit of the brand – the comfort of traditional methods, artisanal excellence that has consistently made Tacchini a benchmark in the Made in Italy landscape and outlines its fundamental values, and its innovative vision projected into the future, led by the pure ideal of creativity in all its forms, and determined to constantly transform itself in the quest for as yet unexplored horizons.

Tacchini Edizioni New Collection 2020

Eye-catching details, the little things that add up, one-by-one, work together to produce a special mood, instilling the space with beauty. The Tacchini Edizioni collection encapsulates a finely crafted selection of designer accessories, lighting and small furnishings that interact with the surrounding architectural space in an exquisite dialog, complementing the home with refined elegance.

New Catalogues

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Objects. The cult pieces of Tacchini’s collections. Stories: the new Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni catalogues tell about beauty that comes from construction and aesthetics, ideas and features. The refined elegance and innate charm that combine the pleasure of looking and living a space. Tacchini’s objects, placed within such frame, narrate tales of domesticated materials, of the hands that skilfully shaped them, of design culture in its purest form, of the poetry that is found inside the beau geste.

A family history

Tacchini is a philosophy. Behind every object there’s a story and behind every story there’s a person. We fall in love with our products, their stories and the stories of those who have produced them and continue to make things by hand so that this story continues, is passed on by the designer to the creator and from the creator to the future owner of the product. And then it continues further.

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