Marble is a natural material created from sedimentary rocks such as limestone or dolomite, by a metamorphic process that causes the calcium carbonate to crystallize. The beauty and uniqueness of Tacchini pieces made using marble lies in the veining: in so many different forms, always unique, like the autograph of nature itself, the greatest of all artists. The colour of the marble depends on the presence of contamination from other minerals such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides or flint nodules, occurring in granules or layers within the original sedimentary rock. White marble derives from the transformation of calcareous rocks with no impurities. Marble is used in two different finishes: the natural finish, either polished or matt, which accentuates the porosity and tactile essence of the material, or a polyester-coated finish, which affords greater protection to the surface of the marble, improving its impermeability to all liquids. Care instructions: we recommend removing marks and liquids immediately using a slightly damp cloth: marble is a natural material that tends to absorb liquids and thus stains quite easily. To avoid damaging its surface, never use wire wool or other abrasive items.


Shiny White Carrara Marble


Matt White Carrara Marble


White Calacatta Marble


Black Marquinia Marble


Black Matt Travertine Marble


Shiny Biancone Marble


Matt Basaltina Marble


Shiny Cristallino Marble


Green Guatemala Marble


Sahara Noir Marble

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