The dramatic allure of shapes sculpted by nature, unbelievably transformed into modular seating elements featuring sleek, rounded lines beautifully balanced within the overall creative design concept. Stone is
a modular sofa system crafted to unfold infinite possibilities of arrangement with dramatic aesthetic impact, catering to public and contract spaces of all different sizes. The look and feel of stones worn smooth in water over time inspired designer PearsonLloyd, who shaped seating elements that find their highest expression in the modularity of arrangement options that set the imagination free but remain a steadfast ally in terms of quality and functionality. The elegantly slender and discreet metal structure, available in two different heights, ensures the Stone sofas fit perfectly in waiting rooms and leisure spaces, as well as in dining establishments like cafes, lounges and restaurants.

2D and 3D files available upon request: please contact

Designer: PearsonLloydYear: 2009
Technical overview

Cod. OSTAB150/OSTAA 150
W 150 D 73 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

Cod. OSTBB170/OSTBA170
W 170 D 73 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

Cod. OSTCB190/OSTCA190
W 190 D 73 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

Cod. OSTDB200/OSTDA200
W 200 D 73 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

Cod. OSTEB230/OSTEA230
W 230 D 73 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

W 144 D 100 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

Cod. OSTGB120/OSTGA120
W 238 D 112 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

W 250 D 134 H 68/77 cm
H seat 39/45 cm

Cod. 1STO80
W 80 D 73 H 25 cm

Cod. 1STO120B
W 120 D 73 H 25 cm

W 45 D 27 cm

Cod. 1STO120
W 120 D 73 H 72 cm

Materials and finishes
Internal frame: poplar plywood 18 mm with elastic belts.
Padding: differentiated - density polyurethane foam.
Feet: painted or chromed aluminium feet.
Upholstery: non removable cover. Possibility of combining different fabrics or fabrics and leathers for the back and the seat.
Top: MDF top for the glossy lacquered version 12 mm thick. Laminate top 12 mm. Top in fullcolor 12 mm thick. Table base available only painted white T02 or black T07.

Poplar plywood 40%
Polyurethane foam 38%
Upholstery 13%
Metal 7%
Elastic belts 2%


Wood top 76%
Metal base 24%


Considerado uno de los principales protagonistas del diseño inglés actual, el estudio PearsonLloyd es una realidad multidisciplinaria que se extiende en los ámbitos más dispares: de la decoración, a los espacios colectivos pasando por el desarrollo de marcas. El estudio, fundado en 1997 por Luke Pearson y Tom Lloyd, obtiene numerosos reconocimientos en Europa y los Estados Unidos. El dúo de diseñadores británicos contribuye regularmente con artículos y publicaciones en las revistas más importantes del sector y es también profesor visitante en la Escuela Cantonal de Arte de Lausana.