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Technical overview

Composition: 20% Pl, 80% Pvc
Test: • colour fastness to artificial light 7 UNI EN ISO 105-B02/04, colour fastness to sun light and bad weather 7 after 1500 hours UNI EN ISO 105-B04/00, resistance to sweat acid-basic 5 UNI EN ISO 105-E04/98, resistance to sea water 5 UNI EN ISO 105-E02/98, free formaldehyde <75mg/kg UNI EN ISO 14184-1:2000, flammability, UNI EN 1021-2:2006 cigarette test, UNI EN ISO 1021-2:2006 match test, 1IM UNI 9175:2010 method D EN 1021-1/2 Europe • nautical: Imo res.A.61 (67) • phtalatas free – formaldeyhde free – certification ISO 9001-ISO 14001 – comply to Reach regulamentation
Martindale: 150.000 cycles UNI EN ISO 12947-1-2⁄00

Washing: dust gently and in case of light stains pass the surface with a dump cloth rinse with water without squeezing
Application: contract upholstered furniture, great durability
Colour: little difference may occur

General warnings: to avoid permanent stains, the lighter colours should not be brought into contact with textile coloured with unfixed dyes; we cannot guarantee the ability to remove unknown dyes from light coloured product

Care instructions (.pdf)