目录. 苯胺皮革: 苯胺皮革

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Origin: bovine leather
Place of origin: Europe
Tannage: chromium salt
Dyeing: through dyeing aniline
Finishing: Aniline
Typology: full grain

Test: • lightfastness: 3 UNI EN ISO 105-B02 • flammability EN 1021-1 (cigarette test) EN 1021-2 (match test), comply to REACH regulamentation, certification ISO 9001:2008, Leather from Italy – Full Cycle UNI 11239, Carbon Footprint of product ISO 14067/CD2, Environmental product declaration ISO 14025, Der Blaue Engel RAL – UZ 148 Golden M RAL – GZ430

Maintenance: dust with a soft and dry cloth, avoid placing leather near direct sun, keep the leather away from heat sources
Cleaning: dust with a soft and dry cloth

家具保护指导 (.pdf)