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T’Journal 12: Timeless Traces (.pdf)
Tacchini is part of Quirinale Contemporaneo Oliver sofa by Tacchini was selected to be part of the permanent exhibition. (+ Read...)
L’Avventura, Inside Apartment Claude Cartier celebrates 40 years of career with Tacchini. (+ Read...)
Tacchini New Collection 2021 Tacchini Italia presents the new collection: Timeless Traces. (+ Read...)
Supersalone 2021 Tacchini presents the new collection: Timeless Traces. (+ Read...)
Tacchini for Élitis Archiutopia: the new outdoor fabric collection by Studiopepe. (+ Read...)
The Hub takes Antwerp Tacchini is one of the collaborating partner of The Hub, now into Antwerp’s Nieuw Zuid district. (+ Read...)
Thank you, Maestro Tacchini wants to remember in a last farewell the great master Umberto Riva. (+ Read...)
Tobia Scarpa for Tacchini: Pigreco Tacchini reveals the first new product of 2021: the new edition of Pigreco, designed by Tobia (+ Read...)
Tacchini and PIN UP: ‘Exquisite Bourgeoise’ A collaboration with the independent American magazine PIN UP, dedicated to Milan. (+ Read...)
Modern Italian Living, Casablanca Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Modern Italian Living. (+ Read...)
Genius Loci at CoutumeStudio, Bordeaux Evoking an artistic journey. (+ Read...)
Reversível Limited Edition The Italian brand Tacchini relaunches Reversível armchair, this year in a new Limited Edition. (+ Read...)
Modern Italian Living, New York Celebriamo insieme lo spirito del moderno design italiano. (+ Read...)
Micasa Vol. B MiCasa is a guarantee of a new experience of art and design at each visit. (+ Read...)
A new kind of rainbow The result of Tacchini’s collaboration with Rubelli Group. (+ Read...)
The Art of Staging 2021 Eye-catching details, the little things that work together to produce a special mood. (+ Read...)
Archiproducts Design Awards 2020 Winner Five to Nine wins Archiproducts Design Awards 2020. (+ Read...)
De-siderio A virtual constellation conceived by Studiopepe. (+ Read...)
In/Architettura 2020 Awards: Umberto Riva Tacchini celebrates Umberto Riva for the Career Award In/Architettura 2020. (+ Read...)
The Lightness of Imagination From 7th to 31st October, Tacchini launches its new 2020 collection of furniture and accessories. (+ Read...)
Discover Tacchini new collection at Spotti Milano The Lightness of Imagination is a tribute to the artistic pursuit of unexplored horizons. (+ Read...)
Tacchini New Collection 2020 Tacchini Italia new collection: The Lightness of Imagination. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Edizioni New Collection 2020 Tacchini Edizioni new collection 2020. (+ Read...)
Reversível wins the 2021 German Design Award We are honored to inform you that Reversível is the winner of 2021 German Design Award. (+ Read...)
Tacchini new catalogues 2020 The cult pieces of Tacchini’s collections. (+ Read...)
New Collection Preview: Five to Nine Tacchini presents you a sneak-peek of the new collection, in collaboration with Studiopepe. (+ Read...)
Joaquim, designed by Giorgio Bonaguro The softness of Brazilian furniture design provides the inspiration for the new collection of (+ Read...)
Lagoa, designed by Zanini De Zanine A piece that shows original creativity with an all-new visionary spirit. (+ Read...)
Costela, designed by Martin Eisler An icon of Brazilian 1950s design: Costela by Martin Eisler. (+ Read...)
Reversível, designed by Martin Eisler Reversível: a combination of folk craft and visionary innovation. (+ Read...)
Objects, Stories The new Tacchini’s advertising campaign inside a modernist residence in Antwerpen. (+ Read...)
Sella, designed by Carlo De Carli An elegant sofa made using the very finest of materials. (+ Read...)
Reversível for Amini The new Amini campaign with Reversível by Tacchini. (+ Read...)
Autoritratto: the new cover story of Elle Decor Italia Designed as a physical and mental space, a balanced compromise between contemporary and memory. (+ Read...)
Joaquim wins Wallpaper* Design Awards 2020: Best Flashback We are delighted to inform you that Joaquim is the winner of 2020 Wallpaper* Design Award. (+ Read...)
Good Design Award 2019 Winner: Lagoa Lagoa by Tacchini has been awarded during the last edition of Good Design Award. (+ Read...)
EF Hult House Campus EF Hult House Campus: a new Tacchini project. (+ Read...)
Partnerships: Tacchini and Studiopepe A special partnership. A shared vision in the world of design. (+ Read...)
Archiproducts Design Awards 2019 Winner: Reversível Reversível by Tacchini won the last edition of Archiproducts Design Awards. (+ Read...)
Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to visit us at Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai. (+ Read...)
Tacchini website opens up to China The Tacchini site is now available in Chinese. (+ Read...)
Neue Räume Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to Neue Räume. (+ Read...)
Tacchini and Vogue Living: a perfect match Tacchini has the pleasure to be featured on Vogue Living UK and Vogue Living Australia. (+ Read...)
Retail focus: Artilleriet Store Artillerit Store presents: Tacchini Italia. (+ Read...)
Milan, via Lovanio Contemporary allure, in the heart of Milan. (+ Read...)
Modelling the Near Future: Collision & Mutation A lecture by Tom Lloyd of London-based design and innovation studio PearsonLloyd. (+ Read...)
Brompton Design District An intelligent, exciting, respectful and sustainable design. (+ Read...)
London Design Festival 2019 At the London Design Festival 2019, Tacchini presents a philosophy of design. (+ Read...)
Giving Space to Ideas Two new projects in Paris, by Tacchini. (+ Read...)
Stylecraft joins Saturday Indesign Saturday Indesign is a true “celebration of design”. (+ Read...)
Tacchini leads the way in sustainability Tacchini have been listed in Dezeen 8 design brands leading the way in sustainability. (+ Read...)
Reversível Millennium: Limited Edition Tacchini fell in love with the innovative style of an historic piece of Carioca design. (+ Read...)
Matter: Object of My Eye Tacchini is pleased to invite you to the Matter showroom, New York. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: Belsquare Residence A luxury residence in the heart of vibrant Brussels. (+ Read...)
Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to discover the new collection. (+ Read...)
Tacchini New Finishes 2019 Tacchini presents the new finishes for the Split and Gio tables at the Salone del Mobile 2019. (+ Read...)
Milan, International Furniture Fair 2019 At the Milanese event, Tacchini presents the Brasilian designmastery. (+ Read...)
Les Arcanistes, The Future is Un/Written Tacchini is Main Partner of the manifesto project Les Arcanistes by Studiopepe. (+ Read...)
T’Journal 10 Discover the new issue of a future classic, now in its tenth edition: the Tacchini Journal. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Edizioni New Collection 2019 Tacchini Edizioni new collection for the Milan Design Week 2019. (+ Read...)
Tacchini New Collection 2019 Tacchini Italia new collection for the Milan Design Week 2019. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Savoir-Faire At the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 Tacchini Italia Forniture presents: Savoir-Faire (+ Read...)
Milan, International Furniture Fair 2019 Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to discover the new collection. (+ Read...)
Club Unseen voted Best Bar of the Year It is a honour to announce that Club Unseen has been voted as Bar of the Year during Frame (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: EF Zurich Office EF Education First Zurich office furnished with Tacchini collections. (+ Read...)
Timeless Time Inspired by a “timeless time”: the image of the new Tacchini 2019 advertising campaign. (+ Read...)
The Pastilles collection presented at Milan’s Bar Basso The Pastilles collection presented in the historic Cocktail Bar of Milan. (+ Read...)
Pastilles by Studiopepe for Tacchini Tacchini launches Pastilles, a new collaboration with Studiopepe. (+ Read...)
Objects, Stories: Tacchini at Arsenale Theatre The Arsenale Theatre will be concentrating Tacchini items into a single “installation”. (+ Read...)
Collages In his collages, Louis Reith creates serene worlds, landscapes and interiors. (+ Read...)
Modelling the Near Future: Collision & Mutation A lecture by Luke Pearson of London-based design and innovation studio PearsonLloyd. (+ Read...)
Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 We are thrilled to announce that Julep has been awarded at the 2018 Archiproducts Design Awards. (+ Read...)
Design Being: Julep Triangles of light bedeck the brightly-coloured walls with their impossible architecture. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Savoir-Faire: The Rule The tradition of dedication, family principles and a little secret. (+ Read...)
Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement: Umberto Riva The Milan Triennale has announced the winners of the 6th edition of the Gold Medal for Italian (+ Read...)
Downtown Design 2018 Tacchini has the pleasure of participating in Downtown Design, at the Dubai Design District. (+ Read...)
AD Design Show 2018 Tacchini is thrilled to be a part of the AD Design Show 2018, Mumbai, India. (+ Read...)
E63 for Santoni SS19 The lamp E63 by TacchiniEdizioni is part of Santoni SS19 installation. (+ Read...)
Modernism in Japan A Design Classic by Gianfranco Frattini in Kunio Maekawa’s house in Japan. (+ Read...)
Orgatec 2018 Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to discover the new collection. (+ Read...)
Biennale Interieur 2018 Tacchini is pleased to invite you to the 2018 edition of the Biennale Interieur. (+ Read...)
Achille Castiglioni 8+1+16 Sancarlo featured at the event organized by ADI and Achille Castiglioni Foundation. (+ Read...)
Featured on: Wallpaper* Tacchini has the pleasure to be featured on the October issue of Wallpaper*. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: Le Méridien Dubai Tacchini SouthBeach was chosen for the lounge room of the prestigious Le Méridien Dubai. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: Alysi Showroom Milano The new Alysi boutique opened in the heart of the Brera district. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Materials Discover Tacchini materials library. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: Alexander Wang Store Alexander Wang choose Tacchini to furnish the first European flagship store. (+ Read...)
StylecraftHome’s Melbourne showroom Inside the Melbourne showroom opening event furnished by Tacchini, published on Vogue Living. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Design BeingPara una empresa como Tacchini, la comunicación es fundamental. (+ Read...)
MIAW Design & Innovation Awards 2018 We are pleased to announce that Julep has been named winner of the Muuuz International Awards (+ Read...)
Tacchini at Silvera London Tacchini new collection 2018 at Silvera London. (+ Read...)
Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to discover the new collection. (+ Read...)
Chipperfield approda a Riva Save the date (+ Read...)
100 Achille Castiglioni playing with design and wood A site-specific installation to pay homage to the great master. (+ Read...)
Fuorisalone: Triennale Design Museum Tacchini has been included in the exhibition Ritrovare Gianfranco Frattini. (+ Read...)
Fuorisalone: Club Unseen Tacchini presents its design pieces at Club Unseen, the manifesto project by Studiopepe. (+ Read...)
Fuorisalone: Onlife – Millennials at Home Oliver, the elegant Tacchini sofa for the Elle Decor Italia Fuorisalone. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Edizioni New Collection 2018 Tacchini Edizioni new collection for the Salone del Mobile 2018. (+ Read...)
Tacchini New Collection 2018 Tacchini Italia new collection for the Salone del Mobile 2018. (+ Read...)
Frame Awards Milan: Best use of Colour Tacchini trade-fair stand has been nominated for Frame Awards “Best use of Colour” category. (+ Read...)
Milan, International Furniture Fair 2018 Tacchini has the pleasure to invite you to discover the new collection. (+ Read...)
Design Being: Tacchini campaign 2018 Interior day. There’s a rarefied, dreamy atmosphere in a sun-drenched living room. (+ Read...)
Wallpaper* Design Award 2018 Tacchini is glad to announce that Ischia screen won the Wallpaper* Design Award 2018. (+ Read...)
E63: una forma abiertaEsta lámpara me gusta mucho, y es algo que no me sucede a menudo: la siento como una amiga. (+ Read...)
Archiproducts Design Awards 2017Nos complace anunciar que Roma, es el ganador de los Archiproducts Design Awards 2017. (+ Read...)
Polar: 10th Anniversary Tacchini Italia Forniture celebrates 10 years of the Polar sofa designed by Pearson Lloyd. (+ Read...)
Out in the world Is it possible to define a Journey? Where does the World start? (+ Read...)
Manos, instrumentos y gestosTacchini es un lugar en el que las manos son el primero de los instrumentos que hemos aprendido (+ Read...)
Hand Notes‘The pictures included in this envelope’ es la primera publicación importante de Andrea (+ Read...)
La Línea Italiana: Gianfranco Frattini¿Cuál es el secreto del diseño italiano? (+ Read...)
Tacchini Dress CodeMaria Gabriella anticipa la brisa que acompaña el habitar en los proyectos de diseño. (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: Marktgasse HotelTacchini ha participado en un nuevo proyecto en Zúrich, donde uno de los hoteles más antiguos (+ Read...)
Tacchini Projects: Hall ArtsTacchini ha participado en un nuevo proyecto en Dallas, llamado Hall Arts. (+ Read...)
Cosy for everyday lifeOcho diseños de la ilustradora Elena Xausa que tienen como protagonistas los productos Tacchini. (+ Read...)
Achille’s way The hero of Italian design was able to find irony and beauty into the simplicity of everyday (+ Read...)
BabelaUn tributo fotográfico a la silla Babela, diseñada por Achille + Pier Giacomo Castiglioni en (+ Read...)