A family history

Tacchini is a philosophy. Behind every object there’s a story and behind every story there’s a person. We fall in love with our products, their stories and the stories of those who have produced them and continue to make things by hand so that this story continues, is passed on by the designer to the creator and from the creator to the future owner of the product. And then it continues further.

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New Collection 2022: Utopia

Anyone can start a revolution from the sofa. But only a few are able to start a revolution with a sofa, turning an everyday object into a tool with which to imagine a better, and not always obtainable, future. This edition of the Tacchini journal is dedicated to them – the artisan dreamers, the activists of doing. In it, design becomes language and the words anchor shapes and materials to a mission that is not limited to solving a problem, decorating a room or selling a product but goes well beyond.


Un projet ne peut pas faire abstraction des contraintes et des sollicitations extérieures. C’est pourquoi Tacchini dialogue, comprend et traduit la pensée des concepteurs et de ses clients, en exprimant, dans le monde des collectivités, la qualité de ses réalisations à travers l’utilisation des meilleurs matériaux, suivant les normes de référence et les certifications les plus sévères. (+ Read...)


A magazine about Design

Mondo Reale: Fondation Cartier and Tacchini for Triennale Milano Lina by Gianfranco Frattini in the Formafantasma exhibition design, for Fondation Cartier. (+ Read...)
Capsule A sibling publication delving into the world of design in its broader definition. (+ Read...)
Pigreco Limited Edition: ‘The Blue Window’ The exclusive re-edition of the Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa for Tacchini. (+ Read...)
About CINEMA TACCHINI project by Formafantasma A multisensory exhibition project. (+ Read...)

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Objects. The cult pieces of Tacchini’s collections. Stories: the new Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni catalogues tell about beauty that comes from construction and aesthetics, ideas and features. The refined elegance and innate charm that combine the pleasure of looking and living a space. Tacchini’s objects, placed within such frame, narrate tales of domesticated materials, of the hands that skilfully shaped them, of design culture in its purest form, of the poetry that is found inside the beau geste.