Life and Other Stories


设计不能脱离外部约束和压力。这就是Tacchini贯彻始终的理念,并以此把握和诠释设计师和客户的想法。在正式场合,该理念能够通过使用最好的材料,并严格按照标准和认证,传达Tacchini产品的质量。在工作或娱乐场所、酒店、体育场、健身中心或购物中心,都是Tacchini展示其独特设计、耐用性、舒适性和包容性的舞台。更重要的是,Tacchini与时俱进的理念和它带给世界的影响力,使Tacchini成为名副其实的“地震仪”: 它是准确的传感器,带来无限的可能性,并为所有人带来更好的生活。我们无处不在。



Tacchini Wool CollectionTacchini is proud to present a leap forward in the manufacture of upholstered seating. (+ 阅读...)
Tacchini at Salone del Mobile 2023A place made to stay: welcome to Tacchini at Salone del Mobile 2023. (+ 阅读...)
Tacchini New Collection: Family PortraitTacchini approaches the dining environment today: starting from the spirit of conviviality. (+ 阅读...)
Tacchini Flock by FormafantasmaTacchini teams up with Formafantasma in the pursuit of greater sustainability. (+ 阅读...)

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Objects. The cult pieces of Tacchini’s collections. Stories: the new Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni catalogues tell about beauty that comes from construction and aesthetics, ideas and features. The refined elegance and innate charm that combine the pleasure of looking and living a space. Tacchini’s objects, placed within such frame, narrate tales of domesticated materials, of the hands that skilfully shaped them, of design culture in its purest form, of the poetry that is found inside the beau geste.