Achille Castiglioni 8+1+16

The Achille Castiglioni Foundation in collaboration with ADI Lombardia will organize the parade of Castiglioni objects that have been awarded or marked over the years as part of the Compasso d’Oro (8 Compasso d’Oro, 1 Compasso d’Oro for the career, 16 mentions). While the objects will follow a red carpet to be positioned in the last area of the floor, at the entrance on the opposite side will be placed the armchairs made by Castiglioni: Cubo, Sanluca, Sancarlo. In this area will also be a simple buffet greeting before the guests leave the building.

On September 25th the Lombardia Region Council will make available the 31st floor of the ‘pirellone’ to organize the event on Achille Castiglioni to celebrate the centenary of his birth.

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