E63 by TacchiniEdizioni for Santoni SS19

Tacchini is proud to be part of this immersive installation which invites the public to discover the Spring Summer 19 Santoni Women’s shoes Collection and a selection of the Santoni Edited by Marco Zanini project. Curated by Flaccavento/Pippolini. Art direction by Studiopepe.

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Since its creation in 1975 Santoni pursued its vision refining the cultural heritage of craftsmanship and Italian excellence. Born with the creation of the haut de gamme shoes laboratory by Andrea Santoni, the brand’s legacy has been handed to his son Giuseppe.


The design for this lamp dates back to 1963, and today it is reissued with the name E63. This alphanumeric code is a reflection of the intellectual complexity of its designer, Umberto Riva: part architect, part designer, part artist, part light-tamer, and a whole lot of all these things. A table lamp designed with great precision, featuring simple lines around broad surfaces, that seemingly give a solid form to the light itself: steel, almost armour, protecting the precious source.

Umberto Riva