2020 Wallpaper* Design Awards Best Flashback—获奖者:Joaquim

We are delighted to announce that Joaquim, the low table designed by Giorgio Bonaguro and presented by tacchini during the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, is the winner of 2020 Wallpaper* Design Award for the category Best Flashback.

Tacchini New Collection 2019

In the February 2020 Issue – already on newsstands – Wallpaper* reveals the winners of the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2020, adjudicated by their diligent and discerning jury: Solange, singer/songwriter and cultural icon; Daniel Lee, the discreet mastermind of Bottega Veneta; Liz Diller, doyenne of contemporary cultural architecture; Alex Israel, LA-based multimedia artist and this month’s limited-edition cover star; Adrian Cheng, Hong Kong developer and cultural impresario; and Pierre Yovanovitch, Wallpaper’s reigning Designer of the Year.

The past year has been significant for design, both in terms of output and philosophy. At Wallpaper* we have always championed the idea of design for life – beautiful, life-enhancing pieces that stand the test of time – but never has this idea had greater resonance. As we enter a fresh new decade, we’d do well to bear this in mind, and celebrate the designers and producers who are making a positive difference. Here’s to a better designed future! – Sarah Douglas, Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief


在 Niemeyer、Costa、Vilanova Artigas和Bo Bardi的现代主义建筑中,40年代至60年代巴西家具设计的柔软性,为Tacchini的BunaGuro新系列Joaquim桌子提供了灵感。从美学的角度来说,这些线形的几何图形是对Joaquim Tenreiro简洁优雅线条的一种敬意,他被认为是现代热带风格设计的鼻祖之一。从技术角度来说,Joaquim系列的设计目的是挽救削减开支,完全遵循循环和环境可持续性的原则,这是巴西创造力的主要支柱。这些桌子采用金属框架,顶部和底部为Patagonia或优雅的棕色。

Giorgio Bonaguro

Giorgio Bonaguro在Modena学习机械工程,之后毕业于米兰理工大学设计学院(Scuola Politecnica di Design),获得工业与室内设计硕士双学位。他在米兰的几家设计工作室工作过; 事实上,他曾与不同的公司合作,并在一些国际展览会上如迈阿密/巴塞尔设计展、伦敦设计节、歌剧等推出限量版设计。他在意大利和巴西的产品设计、室内设计、展览与照明领域工作,试图将线性风格与材料之间的研究和沾染相结合。

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Giorgio Bonaguro