Mondo Reale: Fondation Cartier and Tacchini for Triennale Milano

Mondo Reale is presented by The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, as part of the 23rd International Exhibition Unknown Unknowns. An introduction to Mysteries. Invited by Stefano Boeri, President of Triennale Milano, to join the Advisory Board of the 23rd International Exhibition, Hervé Chandès, Directeur général artistique of the Fondation Cartier, conceived the show in collaboration with Italian designers Formafantasma and seventeen international contemporary artists, many of whose works have been especially commissioned for Mondo Reale.

Formafantasma is invited by the Fondation Cartier to design the settings of Mondo Reale. Departing from the show’s evocative title, Formafantasma’s exhibition design aims to respond to an apparently simple question: what is reality in the context of a fabricated exhibition? Formafantasma developed this exhibition as an exercise in balancing the needs of contemporary art to exist in the spatial abstraction of museums’ ‘white cube’ while considering the ecological implications of designing a temporary space.

Exhibition project: Formafantasma
Photo: Andrea Rossetti
Authors: Artavazd Pelechian, David Lynch

Lina, designed by Gianfranco Frattini

Lina是意大利设计大师(Gianfranco Frattini最早设计的作品之一的再版。这款扶手椅于1955年被提名为“Compasso d’oro”系列),其独特的木质框架让它看起来既坚固又轻便。它的独特之处在于细长的腿和弯曲的胶合板元素,支撑着椅背的一侧,向上弯曲,成为扶手所在的“翅膀”。这是当时一种非常创新的工艺技术,在今天历史的进步中得以再现。由于其永不过时的风格,这把扶手椅大胆地表达了一种观点,在不论是家居或是公共空间中,Lina都可以与Tacchini系列的所有沙发轻松自然地搭配在一起。