Spotti Why Now?

Spotti launches the Why Now? Collection on the occasion of Milan Design Week, curated by the Mr.Lawrence studio, with a special setting inside the spaces of Viale Piave in Milan, in a close and balanced dialogue with the products of the Tacchini brand – partner of the exhibition project.

The collaboration with Tacchini stems from the long relationship between the two realities. In the past, the furniture and furnishing accessories brand had already chosen Spotti to present new products, with personal set-ups capable of illustrating the aesthetics of the brand and its connection with architecture. The Why Now? Collection promotes a comparison between new creatives and new designers, stimulating a contamination of languages that also involves the exhibition partner Tacchini. A selection of novelties and icons of the brand will in fact be exhibited in dialogue with the Spotti collection, an aesthetic and creative sharing that will present the Tacchini catalogue and the 2022 news, including the sofa Le Mura by Mario Bellini.

Press release (.pdf)