Designed by Studiopepe, the Pluto coffee tables are essentially sculptural shapes and bold details that call to mind cubism. Available in two sizes, the coffee tables comprise a solid wood table top with bullnose edge and three massive concrete legs of different diameters, which lend the table vertical movement. Depending on the viewer’s perspective, its appearance seems to change.

Designer: Studiopepe年限: 2020

Cod. 1PLU60
Ø 60 H 40,5 cm

Cod. 1PLU120
Ø 120 H 31 cm

Base: concrete legs fixed to the top with an iron plate th. 5 mm painted RAL 7016.
Top: frame in solid curved ash, top in ash-plated MDF front and back.
Base finishes:
Top finishes:

Concrete 55%
Wood 42%
Iron 3%


Studiopepe以其兼收并蓄和多方面的方法而闻名于世,在设计领域,Studiopepe采取了一种富有想象力和糅合多领域的方法。该工作室的独特魅力都在其参与的各种不同的项目中得到了有力的体现: 在大型酒店业项目中,它为陈列室、精品店和展览摊位,或私人住宅打造室内设计。Studiopepe成立于2006年,通过实验、借鉴以及出人预料的想象力保持了其独特的风格,旨在发展尊重客户个性的独特项目。Studiopepe的作品以强烈的情感表达和审美冲击为特征,基于在形式的严密性和诗意的视觉效果之间找到平衡,不断寻求融合当代风格的秘诀。在工作室的所有作品中,出人意料的设计成为了一种常态:材料之间大胆的相互作用,用来表达空间的色彩,细节不再仅仅是装饰,而是精心编织的故事。