Serie 500

Still considered today one of the most characteristic and complete collections ever designed by Frattini, Serie 500 was born from careful observation of the need for a new way of living, and new functions filtered by the designer’s aesthetic sensitivity and his historical memory. Serie 500 writes another page in the collaboration with the Gianfranco Frattini Archive and a new chapter in the history of Tacchini: storage cabinets. Traditional elements are reinterpreted in new functions. Unexpected compartments open the doors of memory and recall the warmth of home. The first two pieces re-edited by Tacchini, the sideboard, Model 500/3, with three container elements with shutters and the high sideboard, Model 500/4, with two-plus-two shutters, were designed following a concept of modularity ante litteram, which begins with a bench element – a curved wooden base strengthened by a T-shaped element that makes it non-deformable — and then involves the addition of various modules in length and height.

Designer: Gianfranco Frattini年限: 2024

Cod. 503CR210
W 210 D 52 H 74 cm

Cod. 504MD140
W 141 D 52 H 119 cm

Serie 500/3: three-unit sideboard with shutters and drawers in the left compartment; glass or wood shelves available as optional.
Serie 500/4: four-piece sideboard with shutters and drawers in the lower left compartment; glass or wood shelves available as options.


Gianfranco Frattini

Gianfranco Frattini1926年5月15日出生于意大利Padua。1953年,他毕业于米兰理工大学建筑系。在50年代末,他是工业设计协会ADI的创始人之一。Frattini在他的老师兼导师Gio Ponti的办公室工作后,在米兰开了自己的工作室。在几年的时间里,他成为了一名世界知名的工业设计师。在他的许多成功的项目作品中,1956年设计的椅子模型849,被提名为“Compasso d’Oro”奖。现在,这把扶手椅由Tacchini公司推荐,它的形状取自于最初的设计,名字叫“Agnese”。