Vertical Nest

Soft folds become luminous sculptures that seem to grow naturally. The light diffuses calmly, and blurs perceptions and contours creating an atmosphere of peace and seductive mystery. Defying any definition of space, these creations in white polycarbonate – corner lamp and floor lamp born from the imagination of – Brian Thoreen, recover the suggestive Déco lines of the past in a form made possible only by the manipulation of contemporary materials.

Designer: Brian Thoreen年限: 2023

Cod. OVENE90
W 40 D 40 H 90 cm

Cod. OVENE140
Ø 32 H 140 cm


Brian Thoreen

Brian Thoreen is an American designer and artist who lives and works between Mexico City and Paris. He creates functional and nonfunctional works which gather their ethos from the integral nature of the materials within the application. Focusing on material, form and process his works find routes to an unexpected existence. Being mostly self thought and having grown up working construction, metal fabrication and art install/fabrication his experience in these fields has lead him to a place with a diverse view of dimensional space and material interactions. After relocating his primary studio and residence to Mexico City, Thoreen has participated in many collaborations. These connections have lead to co-founding the nomadic gallery MASA and the experimental glass studio Vissio. These partnerships have expanded the capacity for experimentation and discovery within the studio, Mexico and the fields of art and design.