Design Being: Julep

Triangles of light bedeck the brightly-coloured walls with their impossible architecture, dream-like scenery or real space transfigured by an antique lens. An airy, tranquil place becomes the setting for the cultivated, romantic world of Tacchini, a metaphysical salon in which the soft, full curves of Jonas Wagell’s Julep sofa draw our eye, complemented by Gordon Guillaumier’s Soap table, and the E63 lamp and Rituale rug, both by Umberto Riva – master of colour and light.

Soft, enveloping shapes characterize this family of upholstered pieces. Julep is influenced by the 1950s Avant-Garde movement, drawing upon its simplicity and grandeur, refined by a contemporary, romantic, feminine allure. Star of the series is the sofa, whose generous rounded lines provided evolutionary DNA for the entire collection – including an armchair, a chaise-longue and an ottoman – in an interplay of proportions and shapes that gave rise, little by little, to all the other versions. Fully upholstered, the seats look ample and full, yet convey a sense of lightness, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts them off the floor. Designed for home decor, their inviting appeal encourages cozy comfort and relaxation, making the Julep seating options also ideally suited to contract venues.

The new products presented over the past year and the extraordinary accessories designed for Tacchini Edizioni by Umberto Riva (who was recently rewarded Milan Triennale’s Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement) are featured in our new campaign photo, shot by Andrea Ferrari in the Monte Amiata residential complex in Milan.

The picture will be published in the sector’s leading Italian and international publications, and continues the Design Being series, focusing on Tacchini’s lounge furniture. After Jonas Wagell’s Roma sofa, portrayed in the light, airy hall at Villa Ottolenghi, and Sesann armchair by Gianfranco Frattini, now it is the turn of a living room with a delicately refined beauty that exalts, within one shot, an idea of style, and a philosophy of living.

Designed by Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell is an architect and designer from Stockholm. Born in 1973, he trained as graphic artist and then specialised as an interior designer in Stockholm and New York, where he attended the Parsons School of Design. In 2008 he founded the JWDA firm which handles architecture, product design and brand management projects. Wagell is fond of creating functional items with features of simplicity and intelligence, objects which can be used and understood easily by those who choose them. The best known design from the JWDA studio is the prefabricated Mini House. For this design, in 2008, Wagell was named by Wallpaper as one of the fifty young architects worth watching. Today JWDA focuses above all on product design for Scandinavian and international brands.

Julep Armchair
Julep Chaise-longue