Tacchini Design Being

For a company like Tacchini, communication is key. We have designed many tools to show customers who we are and what we do, from which we choose according to our audience, and we keep them updated year by year.

Among the tools Tacchini has published in 2018, the most engaging is the new T’18 catalogue, divided into two volumes (vol. A: sofas and modular system – vol. B: armchairs, ottomans, chaise longues, chairs, stools and tables), and the first Tacchini Edizioni catalogue – the Tacchini group project dedicated to the production of furnishings and accessories – as well as a new website, a new platform with many added features, to keep up with all the news about the Tacchini world.

T’18 Design Being Vol. A (.pdf)
T’18 Design Being Vol. B (.pdf)
T’18 Design Being Vol. C (.pdf)

Arranging Beauty

The Arranging Beauty catalogue is a collection of interior design ideas: compositions featuring the sofa in various combinations with armchairs, tables and Tacchini Edizioni small furnishings. Combining spaces and objects to create beauty is an art, in which colours, angles, light and shade are chosen with care.

Arranging Beauty (.pdf)

T’Journal N°9

For the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, Tacchini published the new edition of their classic Journal, photographed by Andrea Ferrari under the creative direction of Studiopepe in Milan, presenting the new collection for both Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni.

T’Journal N°9 (.pdf)

T’18 Collection Overview

Finally, Tacchini Collection Overview is a tool that combines practicality with charm and appeal. Among the materials used to create the new visual identity of the renowned Italian furniture brand is a poster with a large-format print of Charlotte Taylor’s illustration, which also uses a colourful palette to present the vast range of Tacchini products.

T’18 Collection Overview (.pdf)