Tacchini New Collection 2020

“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial, but glides above, without weight on your heart. Lightness, for me, is associated with precision and determination, not with vagueness and leaving things to chance. Paul Valéry said: you must be light as a bird in flight and not like a feather.” Italo Calvino


T’Journal n.11 (.pdf)

Polar Alcove (Modular System), designed by PearsonLoyd

名为Polar Alcove的坐垫系列,灵感来自漂浮在北海洋的冰块,这是一个远离城市生活,但又疯狂的地方,在这里,寂静中埋藏着最原始的自然风光。全新设计的高靠背创造了一个亲密、私人的空间,座位的宽敞比例和倾斜的角度为背部提供完全放松的岛屿。

Float (Ottoman, Low Table), designed by PearsonLloyd

Echoing the rounded, irregular shapes and ample size of icebergs, the Float ottomans are available in various sizes to meet the different needs and uses dictated by today’s lifestyles. The larger version has a natural Roman travertine top, so the ottoman can function not only as a seat or footstool but also as an actual coffee table.

Matera (Ottoman), designed by Gordon Guillaumier

Explore new creative scenarios in an imaginary tour of the extraordinary urban ecosystem – the Sassi di Matera. Here, the stratification of eras displays the continuity of past and future interactions, of natural elements and traces of culture that have accumulated over time, bare essentials, destined to last, that blend with the new contemporary fabric.

Tacchini将过去和未来交织,塑造出全新系列——由马耳他设计师Gordon Guillaumier创作的Matera截面系统。全比例的软垫元素像石头一样组合在一起,一个挨着另一个,它们既可以独立放置,也可以互相搭配在一起。

Matera wireless charger

Five to Nine (Sofa, Daybed), designed by Studiopepe


Five to Nine configurations

With bolster pillows that run its entire length, the daybed has a bold personality and is super-versatile. Thanks to the array of upholstery options possible, it can fill many needs and fit in different settings – upholstered in leather, for a minimalist Bauhaus effect, or in mohair velvet for maximum comfort and enveloping softness. The wood seat structure has an open-pore painted finish, with turned legs and achieves its fullest expression once the bolster pillows, one by one, have been set in place, along with the armrest and backrest (available in two sizes), and the round side table with surfaces in concrete or metal, in various colors and finishes for a more textured effect. The daybed is an invitation to relax or wait in comfort. Thanks to its sleek linearity, it can stand alone or be a fitting addition to an arrangement of furniture pieces and accessories, ideal for both domestic use and public spaces.

Five to Nine easy bed

The daybed can also be used at home as a guest bed, thanks to a special linen-upholstered, softly padded mattress that, when placed on the bolster pillows, transforms the seat into a real sleep oasis. By applying the Japanese lifestyle philosophy to the new needs of the contemporary home, the mattress is a removable accessory that allows an increasingly versatile use of home furnishings.

Pluto (Low Table), designed by Studiopepe


Julep (Chaise-longue, Ottoman), designed by Jonas Wagell

由设计师Jonas Wagell设计的新Julep系列在外形上是呈现出有机和多功能性,在实用性和美观方面都是Julep畅销产品的自然延伸。尺寸设计上,作者别出心裁,突出更加明显的不对称,新模型看起来像一个躺椅,搭配一个更大,更具包裹性的软垫凳。

Soap (Low Table), designed by Gordon Guillaumier

Gordon Guillaumier的Soap咖啡桌已经是该品牌最畅销的产品之一,如今,它扮演着更加现代的角色,这要归功于在原有大理石面版本的基础上加入了两种新的木质和金属饰面。作为一种精致优雅的表达,咖啡桌有两种配置,增加了住宅和内部空间的复杂性。

T’Journal n.11 (.pdf)

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