Tacchini New Collection 2020

“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial, but glides above, without weight on your heart. Lightness, for me, is associated with precision and determination, not with vagueness and leaving things to chance. Paul Valéry said: you must be light as a bird in flight and not like a feather.” Italo Calvino

The idea of flight as a metaphor for creative freedom is the conceptual fabric from which the products in the new Tacchini collection arise – emblematic of emancipation from fleeting fashions and the celebration of timeless, decontextualized creative intuition. Located in the vast expanses of the Turin Aero Club, at the foot of the Alps, the place where the application of the rigors of engineering and the art of knowing how to observe the world from unconventional perspectives intersect. In contrast to the orderly geometry of the hangars and control towers, the Tacchini collection dialogs with the disciplined architecture of the aeronautic club, playing up the soft contours of the upholstered furniture and accessories. Tacchini unveils the culture of beauty that is based on research and designs, ideas, arts and people. It showcases the dual spirit of the brand – the comfort of traditional methods, artisanal excellence that has consistently made Tacchini a benchmark in the Made in Italy landscape and outlines its fundamental values, and its innovative vision projected into the future, led by the pure ideal of creativity in all its forms, and determined to constantly transform itself in the quest for as yet unexplored horizons.

T’Journal n.11 (.pdf)

Polar Alcove (Modular System), designed by PearsonLoyd

Polar Alcove is a seating system inspired by the blocks of ice that float in the waters of the North Sea, a place far from the frenzy of urban life where silence and pristine nature abound. Thanks to the new high backrest that creates an intimate, private space, the seating’s generous proportions and oblique angles form islands of total relaxation. The seat can also be equipped with a USB port, making it a strategic ally for enjoying the utmost comfort without giving up the benefits of modern technology.

Float (Ottoman, Low Table), designed by PearsonLloyd

Echoing the rounded, irregular shapes and ample size of icebergs, the Float ottomans are available in various sizes to meet the different needs and uses dictated by today’s lifestyles. The larger version has a natural Roman travertine top, so the ottoman can function not only as a seat or footstool but also as an actual coffee table.

Matera (Ottoman), designed by Gordon Guillaumier

Explore new creative scenarios in an imaginary tour of the extraordinary urban ecosystem – the Sassi di Matera. Here, the stratification of eras displays the continuity of past and future interactions, of natural elements and traces of culture that have accumulated over time, bare essentials, destined to last, that blend with the new contemporary fabric.

Tacchini embraces this crossroads between past and present, molding it into a product – the Matera sectional system by Maltese designer, Gordon Guillaumier. Full-proportioned upholstered elements are assembled like stones, placed one next to another, which can stand alone or be mingled. Completing the arrangement are table top surfaces in wood, marble, or upholstered in fabric and equipped with wireless chargers at the places where the seats meet. The Matera family is designed for the contract market, to build informal seating islands for conversation, waiting, meetings and work.

Matera wireless charger

Five to Nine (Sofa, Daybed), designed by Studiopepe

The Five to Nine daybed draws inspiration from 1900s scenic designs that portrayed a place for creative escape – a space as physical as it was mental – the studios of the great artists. Designed by Milan-based Studiopepe, the Five to Nine daybed is the star player in a fictitious artist’s studio, a cosmopolitan, contemporary space, cradle of creative genius.

Five to Nine configurations

With bolster pillows that run its entire length, the daybed has a bold personality and is super-versatile. Thanks to the array of upholstery options possible, it can fill many needs and fit in different settings – upholstered in leather, for a minimalist Bauhaus effect, or in mohair velvet for maximum comfort and enveloping softness. The wood seat structure has an open-pore painted finish, with turned legs and achieves its fullest expression once the bolster pillows, one by one, have been set in place, along with the armrest and backrest (available in two sizes), and the round side table with surfaces in concrete or metal, in various colors and finishes for a more textured effect. The daybed is an invitation to relax or wait in comfort. Thanks to its sleek linearity, it can stand alone or be a fitting addition to an arrangement of furniture pieces and accessories, ideal for both domestic use and public spaces.

Five to Nine easy bed

The daybed can also be used at home as a guest bed, thanks to a special linen-upholstered, softly padded mattress that, when placed on the bolster pillows, transforms the seat into a real sleep oasis. By applying the Japanese lifestyle philosophy to the new needs of the contemporary home, the mattress is a removable accessory that allows an increasingly versatile use of home furnishings.

Pluto (Low Table), designed by Studiopepe

Designed by Studiopepe, the Pluto coffee tables are essentially sculptural shapes and bold details that call to mind cubism. Available in two sizes, the coffee tables comprise a solid wood table top with bullnose edge and three massive concrete legs of different diameters, which lend the table vertical movement. Depending on the viewer’s perspective, its appearance seems to change.

Julep (Chaise-longue, Ottoman), designed by Jonas Wagell

Organic and versatile in shape, the new Julep, by designer Jonas Wagell, is a natural extension, in both practicality and beauty, of the existing range of Julep best sellers. Updated in size, with even more distinct asymmetries, the new model looks like a chaise-longue, paired with an even larger and more enveloping round ottoman. Like the other members of the Julep family, the new chaise-longue has a light structure, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts it off the floor, without sacrificing any of its magnificent elegance and style.

Soap (Low Table), designed by Gordon Guillaumier

Already one of the brand’s best sellers, the Soap coffee tables by Gordon Guillaumier play an even more contemporary role, thanks to the two new finishes in wood and metal that join the original marble-topped version. An expression of refined elegance, the coffee tables come in two configurations and lend added sophistication to homes and contract spaces.

T’Journal n.11 (.pdf)

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