Forms that are lost in time, modeled by the erosion of the wind, sun and rain, become sculptures that almost seem to emerge from the ground. Simple and primitive, smooth and perfectly polished, solitary or close to each other, united in a perfect joint. Available in two sizes, the tables born from the creativity of Noè Duchaufour-Lawrance are entirely made of Breccia Bresciana or Fior di Pesco Carsico, almost zero kilometer marbles, extracted near the place of production of the tables themselves, as expressly requested by the French designer.

Designer: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance年限: 2022

Cod. 1DOL131
W 131 D 65 H 35 cm

Cod. 1DOL73
W 73 D 55 H 40 cm

Top and base/legs finishes:



Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

设计师和室内建筑师Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance用自然的形状定义了他自己的语言,这些形状是柔软的,有机的,流动的,同时也是结构化的。对材料和形状的双重热情体现在双面课程的研究:首先学习金属雕塑课程(由巴黎高等艺术学院的贴花艺术和艺术大师讲授),然后在巴黎学习艺术装饰设计。生长于富有创意的家庭环境(他的父亲是一名雕塑家),Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance很快就展现出了一种不同寻常的审美品质,这一点从2002年Soho餐厅的素描开始就非常突出。第二年,他成立了自己的设计工作室,从此,他把每一个项目作为一个真正的机会来定义自己的审美品质,设计出和谐的产品和建筑,旨在建立与自然的情感纽带。