Timeless forms of light: another story by Tacchini

Natural or artificial, light plays an essential role in our lives. A silent and extraordinarily powerful force, it captures emotions and responds to functional needs.

Photography: Andrea Ferrari

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In the last two years, Tacchini has expanded its offering dedicated to lighting with a collection in which creativity is expressed through new shapes, refined materials, and different types of products, including wall lamps, screens, suspensions, and floor and table lights. Through re-editions and collaborations with contemporary designers and artists, the light goes from a simple accessory to a complement with a strong personality, essential for defining Tacchini’s living and dining areas. In this context, lighting and design dialogue in new artistic and functional expressions complete a vision of warm and welcoming spaces where reading, conversation, listening, and conviviality are stimulated by character furnishings, evoking an even more suggestive atmosphere. For Tacchini, light has a meaning that goes beyond the concept of lighting: it is a continuous search to give life to accessories with a classic and timeless aesthetic that becomes part of the lives of those who live them every day. Light transforms spaces, enveloping them in a unique and unmistakable identity.

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Umberto Riva

A.D.A. designed by Umberto Riva

The reissues also find a place in the collection dedicated to lighting with two lamps, A.D.A. and E63, which bring together the multifaceted soul of Umberto Riva. They are complex projects, capable of redefining light itself thanks to the use of materials that almost seem to give it a solid consistency.

E63 designed by Umberto Riva


Equinox designed by Studiopepe


With Studiopepe the form becomes the protagonist and the material the means through which it is expressed. Light is declined in different expressions between ethereal and floating sculptures, plays of solids and voids, material overlays, and delicate colour combinations.

Sophia designed by Studiopepe

Alma designed by Studiopepe


Solstice designed by Studiopepe

Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Fackel designed by Umberto Bellardi Ricci

In the works of the Italian-German architect, sculptor, and designer, metal talks about light through a distinctive and planned design that starts from the most diverse inspirations, such as the gesture of the hand that protects the flame of a candle for the Mano Light series.

Mano Light designed by Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Mano Light
Brian Thoreen

Seductive sculptures let light filter through contemporary materials. His Vertical Nest almost seems to grow naturally in the room, slowly illuminating it to create atmospheres of seductive mystery.

Vertical Nest floor lamp designed by Brian Thoreen

Vertical Nest corner lamp designed by Brian Thoreen

Vertical Nest
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