Roma Nuvola

Part of the Roma family, the collection of sofas inspired by the soft sign of a hemicycle curve signed by Jonas Wagell – Roma Nuvola makes the “classic” even more comfortable. The generous proportions and the built-in chaise longue, which almost seems to interrupt the linearity of the seat, are designed for absolute comfort, as is the soft rounded cushion that invites you to abandon yourself to relaxation. Other cushions of different sizes, to be positioned freely for always tailor-made comfort, to be created day after day.

Designer: Jonas Wagell年限: 2023

Cod. ORON245L
W 248 D 144 H 77 cm

Cod. ORON245R
L 248 P 144 H 77 cm



Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell是来自斯德哥尔摩的建筑师和设计师。1973年出生,他接受了平面艺术家的培训,后来在斯德哥尔摩和纽约成为一名室内设计师,并在那里考入了帕森斯设计学院(Parsons School of Design)。2008年,他创立了JWDA公司,负责建筑、产品设计和品牌管理项目。Wagell喜欢创造兼具简洁性和智能性的功能性物品,选择这些物品的人可以很容易地使用和理解这些物品。JWDA工作室最著名的设计是预制迷你住宅。凭借此设计,在2008年,Wagell被Wallpaper 杂志评为最值得关注的50位年轻建筑师之一。今天,JWDA专注于斯堪的纳维亚及国际品牌的产品设计。