Julep 躺椅

Organic and versatile in shape, the new Julep, by designer Jonas Wagell, is a natural extension, in both practicality and beauty, of the existing range of Julep best sellers. Updated in size, with even more distinct asymmetries, the new model looks like a chaise-longue, paired with an even larger and more enveloping round ottoman. Like the other members of the Julep family, the new chaise-longue has a light structure, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts it off the floor, without sacrificing any of its magnificent elegance and style.

® Registered Design

Awards: Muuuz International Awards, Archiproducts Design Awards

Designer: Jonas Wagell年限: ® Registered Design

Cod. OJUL208
W 208 D 121 H 76 cm
H seat 42 cm

Cod.  OJUL240
W 240 D 126 H 75 cm
H seat 42 cm

Cod. OJUL174
W 174 D 137 H 75 cm
H seat 42 cm

Cod. OJUL102
W 102,5 D 87,5 H 75 cm
H seat 42 cm

Cod. OJULP120
W 120 D 92 H 42 cm

Cod. OJULP68
W 68 D 66 H 42 cm

填料:cold foam。
Notes: the products cannot be realized in Leather, Super Leather, Aniline Leather and Vinyl.

Wooden structure 37%
Cold foam 34%
Upholstery 28%
Plastic 1%

Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell是来自斯德哥尔摩的建筑师和设计师。1973年出生,他接受了平面艺术家的培训,后来在斯德哥尔摩和纽约成为一名室内设计师,并在那里考入了帕森斯设计学院(Parsons School of Design)。2008年,他创立了JWDA公司,负责建筑、产品设计和品牌管理项目。Wagell喜欢创造兼具简洁性和智能性的功能性物品,选择这些物品的人可以很容易地使用和理解这些物品。JWDA工作室最著名的设计是预制迷你住宅。凭借此设计,在2008年,Wagell被Wallpaper 杂志评为最值得关注的50位年轻建筑师之一。今天,JWDA专注于斯堪的纳维亚及国际品牌的产品设计。