Explore new creative scenarios in an imaginary tour of the extraordinary urban ecosystem – the Sassi di Matera. Here, the stratification of eras displays the continuity of past and future interactions, of natural elements and traces of culture that have accumulated over time, bare essentials, destined to last, that blend with the new contemporary fabric. Tacchini embraces this crossroads between past and present, molding it into a product – the Matera sectional system by Maltese designer, Gordon Guillaumier. Full-proportioned upholstered elements are assembled like stones, placed one next to another, which can stand alone or be mingled. Completing the arrangement are table top surfaces in wood, marble, or upholstered in fabric and equipped with wireless chargers at the places where the seats meet. The Matera family is designed for the contract market, to build informal seating islands for conversation, waiting, meetings and work.

Designer: Gordon Guillaumier年限: 2020

Cod. OMAT95
W 95 D 80 H 40,5 cm

Cod. OMAT109
W 109 D 96 H 40,5 cm

Cod. OMAT130
W 130 D 104 H 40,5 cm

Cod. OMAT195
2 Pieces
W 195 D 104 H 40,5 cm

Cod. OMAT270
3 Pieces
W 270 D 105 H 40,5 cm

Internal structure: 18 mm thick poplar plywood with elastic belts.
Padding: differentiated-density polyurethane foam.
Plastic bottom.
Upholstery: not removable.
Table top:




Padding 50%
Poplar plywood 27%
Upholstery 18%
Elastic belts 3%
Plastic bottom 2%

Gordon Guillaumier

Gordon Guillaumier 1966年出生,最初在马耳他接受教育,然后在瑞士、英国和意大利接受了教育。他毕业于米兰IED(1988-91), 1992年在米兰Domus学院专攻设计。1993年,他开始与Baleri Associati合作,并与建筑师Rodolfo Dordoni合作。2002年,他在米兰成立了自己的设计工作室,主要从事产品设计,也从事设计咨询项目。2006年,他在米兰理工大学(Politecnico university)讲授工业设计。