The armchair: stories of comfort, design, and versatility

From the conviviality of a living room to the functionality of a study, from the welcome of an entrance to the intimacy of a bedroom: the armchair defines spaces with fluid dynamism in a perfect balance between comfort and design. For Tacchini, the armchair expresses itself through re-editions and new proposals that fit into the environments, interweaving stimulating dialogues with the furnishing elements that surround it.

Martin Eisler: Costela and Reversìvel

Martin Eisler conceived the various elements of a house as details of a single, great aesthetic vision. He designed every project down to the smallest details because his creative thinking knew how to take care of even the smallest things, always with great elegance and rationality.


Icon of Brazilian design of the 1950s. Elegant but informal, Costela reveals an intense natural materiality thanks to its structure of rounded wooden ribs that welcome those who sit in it there in an ideal and enveloping embrace

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Innovative and dynamic, Reversível highlights the visionary innovation of its creator and the softness of 1950s Carioca design. Reversível transforms with extreme ease to allow those who use it to assume the position they prefer sitting or semi-reclining, thanks to the seat that can be positioned in two ways.

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Gianfranco Frattini: Lina and Agnese

Gianfranco Frattini revolutionized interior architecture with the beauty of rigor. Guided by careful formal and structural research, he adopts a clear and simple design language that takes memory and materials into consideration to create environments that are beautiful to live in.


Solid, yet light, Lina stands out for its particular wooden structure – a curved plywood element that supports the side of the backrest and at the same time becomes the support for the armrests – supported by its slender legs.

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Simple but timeless, Agnese is an elegant and functional armchair considered an icon of Italian design. The contrast between the base, geometric and essential, and the seat and backrest, soft and padded, is strengthened in the combination of different materials and in the particular construction details that represent the unique signature of a Master in the history of design.

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Orsola by Gastone Rinaldi

Tradition and innovation come together in a fun and innovative form. Orsola is the re-edition of a historic project by Gastone Rinaldi that Tacchini re-proposes while respecting the original spirit – with a rounded chromed metal structure and padding revisited in a contemporary style to give this singular armchair an even softer and more relaxing appearance.

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Sesann by Gianfranco Frattini

An icon of Italian design in the 1970s, the Sesann collection by Gianfranco Frattini was part of a new vision of contemporary living in which ergonomics were adapted to social change, ushering in a way of sitting that is more relaxed and less stiffly formal. Today, as then, it is an open invitation to the beauty of comfort in its most authentic expression.

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Sella by Carlo de Carli

Sella is inspired by the homonymous armchair designed in 1966 by the renowned Italian architect Carlo De Carli. Its soft and generous line is designed to provide extraordinary comfort, dedicated to a slow time that reconciles with oneself in the dimension of a more intimate and private space.

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