The art of staging is all about the ability to present a story: giving aesthetic representation to a piece of music, a story or a vision. The desire and ambition is to stage Tacchini’s furniture and design icons, with accessories that dress up the snapshots of our life, depicting truly sophisticated living. Just like accessories in fashion, furnishing accessories are the details that enhance, or simply ‘complete’ the background of an otherwise neutral snapshot. A rug or lamp, like a hat or tie, can provide an accent and add value, but if they are mismatched, they can spoil even the loveliest of clothes or the most elegant designs. For this reason, the work has been carried out with care and attention to every detail. Tacchini draws directly on the earliest history of its production, exploiting the same evocative rich cultural loam, with care and courteous respect for the designs and for the great masters. And this is how new projects are born, budding and sprouting, the natural offshoots of the great classics, but as fully-formed adults, ready to shine in their own right.