Archiutopia: a new outdoor fabric collection by Studiopepe

Archiutopia is an emancipatory exploration led by Élitis and Studiopepe, who together have created an outdoor fabric collection. It is inspired by radical architecture, conceived as a means to change the world. Our best sellers Reversível and Five to Nine are the protagonists of the images produced by Studiopepe with the creative direction of Motel409.

The Studiopepe design agency has merged its conceptual approach with the know-how of the wallpaper and textile editor Élitis. Archiutopia opens up a field that explores the languages of a visionary architecture, presented primarily through its tactile features. A three-dimensional fabric has even been added to accentuate sensory perception. The designs of these outdoor fabrics of a new genre explore a repeating architectural iconography: stairs, doors, buildings, organized in ever-changing geometries.

Five to Nine