Brompton Design District: ‘Be whole, in the name of beauty’

Beauty unites and brings man back to being one with nature through the most sensitive part of him or herself. Beauty inspires human creativity, becoming in turn a useful and conscious product. This is the philosophy of the Savoir-faire Tacchini Italia Forniture, a historic and innovative brand made in Brianza, which brings to the London Design Festival, from 17 to 22 September 2019 at the Brompton Design District, a vision of the project in contemporary design, which develops between technical and aesthetic through an intelligent, exciting, respectful and sustainable design.

Brompton Design District

In the globalised world in which we live, the relationship between man and nature often encounters, in many areas, clashes and indifference, which make constructive dialogues and positive balances difficult. The theme of this year’s famous London event aims to investigate the relationship between the human being and the environment that surrounds us, remembering that the dynamics of this relationship provide a sort of necessary symbiosis. Additionally, the design therefore has the task and the responsibility to question itself in order to find visions, which contribute to the continuous redefinition of this precious relationship.

At the London Design Festival 2019, Tacchini Italia Forniture presents at the Brompton Design District a philosophy of design that sees the symbiosis and balance between man and nature in the harmony of beauty.

The Tacchini answer is intrinsic to the company’s refined Savoir-faire, which makes beauty a fundamental principle and an objective. As evidenced by the products on display in Thurloe Place, in the exclusive layout designed in a four-storey building, and where Tacchini furnishings and Tacchini Edizioni furnishing complements will find space on three floors, giving life to elegant and characterful environments, inspiration for both the contract and domestic sectors, because every place, according to the Tacchini vision, must be able to welcome and make us feel at home, wherever we are.

Disegno is the world’s leading quarterly journal dedicated to long-form independent reporting and critical writing on design and will launch its autumn issue, Disegno #24, during London Design Festival 2019. To mark this, Disegno has partnered with Tacchini to host events at its Brompton venue throughout the week.
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