Club Unseen voted as Best Bar of the Year

It is a honour to announce that Studiopepe project CLUB UNSEEN has been voted as Bar of the Year during FRAME AWARDS in Amsterdam in the category: Spatial Awards ⁄ Hospitality.

“Contemporary and memory, sartorial craftsmanship, public and private: antithetical realities are organically overlapping in Club Unseen, the project created for the 2018 Milan Design Week by the creative directors of Studiopepe, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto.”

The location was a former warehouse of the late nineteenth century, where an exciting and surprising artistic storytelling comes to life between original design products crafted by Studiopepe, animated by unpredictable musical performances, that happens every night with special collaborations.

“An exclusive shelter from the hectic context of the Fuori Salone, the secret club represents the quiet that gives space to creativity: a place with a relaxed and casual atmosphere, in which an innovative interpretation of hospitality emerges clearly to the senses and to the heart. Access was granted only by an exclusive membership tattoo, to avoid the crowdy effect of Design Week, and a personal butler that welcomes you at the door and introduce yourself to the experience of the club. (…)”

The preparation of cocktails becomes a contemplative moment that transformed time you normally wait for a drink into a pleasant experience, an innovative approach to mixology.

What’s unique about it

“The Club accompanies the members through a narrative, room by room, in which all the elements – furnishings, facing materials, objects, colours and lighting – establish a dialogue like the ingredients of a well-mixed cocktail, creating an experience that happens on different levels. An innovative concept of hospitality, flexible and unexpected, as the use of materials and surfaces create a comfortable atmosphere. Glass panels and neon lights used with an innovative approach, overlapping of colors and textures to get a astonishing effect, ceramic tiles used as artpieces, and timeless furniture pieces with a contemporary twist, are some of the aspects that made Club Unseen innovative. (…)”

“A case of storytelling in which the personal, authorial approach of Studiopepe triggers emotions and actions, prompting reflection on modes of welcome and the concept of tailor-made entertaining.”

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