De-siderio – a virtual constellation conceived by Studiopepe

Studiopepe: “Each Manifesto is unique, but they all share our vision of design and represent a
collection of projects and suggestions we’ve completed during the year – a summary occurred in the design of a place and an experience asking ourselves questions on themes such as the use of public or domestic spaces and our ever chancing relationship with objects.” In these challenging times, questions are necessary and of a different kind. The sociality and the use of collective spaces have radically changed. For this reason, this year Studiopepe focused the attention on a concept related to a more mental dimension, “desiderio” (‘Desire’ in English).

Tacchini New Collection 2020

The word desiderio is composed of the Latin prefix de- meaning lack of and the word sidus which literally means star. To desire something literally means, “to lack stars”, to “feel a lack of stars”, or in other words to feel that something is wanting, and therefore foster a sentiment of passionate seeking. De-siderio is the name Studiopepe gave to their imagined constellation, a constellation made up by all their projects designed this year. It is an articulated and rich constellation that involved formal research and research on materials, analysis of signs and language, all aspects that are characteristic of our design vision.

It’s no longer a physical place that reflects our projects, but an imaginary architecture created in order to connect projects, told through a video that uses the poetic and synaesthetic language typical of art, creating references, connections, dialogues, analogies.

Because De-siderio is what moves our soul and keeps us constantly curious, in the passionate and very human research for conjunction and beauty.

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Tacchini New Collection 2020