Gucci Design Ancora

Gucci presents five design icons at its Flagship Store on via Montenapoleone

Gucci Design Ancora celebrates Italian design with a special edition of five design icons, among which Le Mura by Tacchini, tinted in the House’s signature Rosso Ancora hue and showcased in an immersive exhibition by Architect Guillermo Santomà at Gucci’s Milan flagship store on via Montenapoleone. In every room, the curved walls in green – a color chosen by Sabato De Sarno – contribute to blurring boundaries and creating a metaphysical space in which each object appears on its own, displayed as an idea rather than as a mere product.

“If we had put the objects all together, we would have created a living room. Instead, we decided to remove the boundaries given by how we use these objects and create a sort of limbo,” explains Guillermo Santomà, who is known for a multidisciplinary approach merging design, architecture, sculpture and scenography, “Floating objects don’t have meaning or a function. They are just shape, materiality, color.”

From an idea of Creative Director Sabato De Sarno, Gucci Design Ancora is a special project co-curated by Michela Pelizzari. “Through Design Ancora, Gucci doesn’t simply celebrate old icons, it creates new ones,” explains Michela Pelizzari, founder of Milan-based creative agency P:S, which co-curated the project, “The aura emanating from the brand spotlights five pieces by Italian masters that are perfect from a design standpoint but less known to the general public.” The chosen objects represent the golden age of Italian design, while also reminding us of the important relationship between designers and brands, craftsmanship and industrial production.