Polar: 10th Anniversary

Tacchini Italia Forniture celebrates 10 years of the Polar sofa designed by Pearson Lloyd. The iconic Polar sofa is a Tacchini bestseller. This year it has ten candles on its cake, and to mark the occasion, the brand is proposing it in an exclusive white and pale blue finish. Designed by Pearson Lloyd, Polar comprises two types of seat and two different backrests, to offer a flexible system that creates open or separate spaces, relaxation areas or more intimate lounge spaces. The seats can also be used as poufs, creating a rhythmic composition rich in alternation.

The designers recall how they drew inspiration for Polar from the natural world and in particular from the shapes seen in polar ice, as the name suggests.

Like all Tacchini products, Polar is produced in Seveso, at the heart of the Brianza region, with a careful eye to environmental sustainability. Each piece is produced using materials sourced from within 50 km of the factory: in addition to ensuring great quality furniture, this approach also keeps pollution from transportation to a minimum.

Polar Table