Tacchini and PIN UP: ‘Exquisite Bourgeoise’

Thanks to the inventiveness and flair of Felix Burrichter — Editor in Chief of PIN UP magazine — the exclusive editorial project ‘Exquisite Bourgeoise’ has come to life, an irreverent portrait of the residences of some young creatives. It is a cheeky tribute to the traditional photography of architecture and lifestyle that aims to emphasize and highlight with ironic provocation the romantic disenchantment on how the creative class of the city moves according to established bourgeois patterns.

The collaboration with the independent American magazine PIN UP — a worldwide reference point for design and pop culture — was born on the occasion of the special issue dedicated to Milan city.

The timeless icons of the great Masters of Italian design re-edited by Tacchini stand up, such as the Sesann and Lina armchairs by Gianfranco Frattini, the Sancarlo chair by Achille Castiglioni, Reversível and Costela armchairs by Martin Eisler and E63 lamp from the Tacchini Edizioni collection, designed by Umberto Riva.

Tacchini is nowadays a reference point in furniture business, thanks to its constant stylistic and functional research, project and product culture, care for people and environment. With its furniture, Tacchini wants to improve home and public spaces’ quality, in a world dominated by constant changing in needs, technologies and new lifestyles. That’s why Tacchini always analyses and improves its products and services with passion, creativity and responsibility. The result is an uninterrupted “work in progress” of original and versatile solutions, suitable for every environment and situation, able to arouse emotions day by day and to last in time.