Tacchini Edizioni New Collection 2018

Tacchini Edizioni is the Tacchini Group project dedicated to the production of accessories and furnishing accessories. This year’s Tacchini Edizioni is less classic and more experimental, destined to amaze both from a technical and conceptual point of view. Memories from the past inspire Tacchini Edizioni by putting into production unique and historical pieces, such as the Italian ceramics of the Fiftiesand the hand-knotted rugs produced in Nepal and inspired by Umberto Riva’s paintings, a master of contemporary design and architecture who is presented this time in an artistic and unprecedented role.

Daze (cat. Low Table) designed by Truly Truly

Architectural shapes inspired this collection of low tables with futuristic lines by Dutch design studio Truly Truly. Made of bent and welded sheets of metal, the Daze low tables are hand colored, one by one, so that the intensity of the paint changes as it spills out of the cuts with different effects. Artisan craftsmanship with the aid of high tech, adds a note of unpredictability to the precise geometrics of the shapes and materials.

Jak (cat. Desk) designed by Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet designs a small desk for Tacchini Edizioni that combines organization, privacy and exquisite structure. Antique and yet amazingly suited to this digital age, Jak has a light metal base that supports a top equipped with USB ports and a shelf, as well as a small compartment concealed by a small drop-front door. Also available in a wall-mounted version, Jak is an extremely elegant piece of furniture, capable of bringing a fresh, contemporary vibe to the home as well as hospitality settings. It is made with materials that highlight its subtlety and decorative charm.

Nello Spazio (cat. Rug) designed by Umberto Riva

Architect Umberto Riva is first and foremost a painter. His paintings portray abstract subjects, collages of lines, spaces and fields of color. One of his works, Nello spazio, served as inspiration for the eponymous Tacchini Edizioni rug, knotted with Himalayan wool in Nepal. The result of a long and detailed process, the rug is entirely hand made, following a thousands-year-old tradition that only adds to the charm of more contemporary subjects, like the abstracts by Umberto Riva.

Rituale (cat. Rug) designed by Umberto Riva

A year after the re-edition of the E63 lamp, Tacchini Edizioni rediscovers the more private side of Umberto Riva. Known as an architect and designer, Riva never tried to hide his fondness for art and painting. In his works, geometric patterns and colors intertwine, creating delicately beautiful abstract subjects, as in Rituale. Drawing upon the painting of the same name, the rug is completely hand made, in keeping with an ancient, intricate wool-knotting process. The ultimate distillation of art, artisan craftsmanship and design.

Bubble (cat. Vase) designed by Alvino Bagni

Alvino Bagni was a great artisan and Florentine ceramist. His studio, opened in 1946 in Lastra a Signa in the province of Florence, wrote the history of Tuscan ceramics with its extremely modern (for the time) works. They are the perfect blend of material, technique, tradition and aesthetic beauty. Tacchini Edizioni has re-edited Bubble by Alvino Bagni, a vase in the traditional round shape, in three sizes.

Pi–Dou (cat. Vase) designed by Alvino Bagni

Pi–Dou is the re-edition of the eponymous vase created by Florentine ceramist Alvino Bagni, who designed it shortly after visiting the Pompidou Centre in the late ’70s. The vase is formed by two intersecting elements, freely based on the tubes that run along the facade of the famous Paris museum. A sophisticated and modern object, made even more futuristic by the metallic finishes.

Miss Pack (cat. Lamp) designed by Alvino Bagni

The Miss Pack lamp is also a product of the studio of Alvino Bagni, Florentine artisan and ceramist. A lamp inspired by motorcycle helmets but crafted using traditional artisan techniques, it is a small, rare accessory that seems to have dropped in from another planet.

Soleil (cat. Mirror) designed by Giorgio Bonaguro

The mirror is an object filled with meaning, an object and, at the same time, a reflection: just like a jewel which is both an ornament and the reflection of a personality. Inspired by this similarity, Giorgio Bonaguro designed the Soleil mirror like a jewel for the wall, considering details like wearability and how it hangs. Like a pendant, the mirror is suspended by an elegant leather cord, typical of luxury leather goods, woven through the gold frame to create an interplay of reflections and shadows on the mirrored surface. A tastefully intricate object for those who adore sophisticated details.

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