Tacchini Edizioni New Collection 2019

Brazil is an indispensable part of the Tacchini Italia’s culture of design, taking ample inspiration from the past and the future. On the one hand, this denotes a synthesis of the quintessential European taste and tradition of local craftsmanship, and the cocktail of popular influences induced by many origins on the other. Brazilian design is characterized by an essentially heterogeneous language, intriguing, ethereal and sensual in its organic shapes – all the while being extremely elegant in terms of the minimalism of lines and the choice of materials.

Mantiqueira, designed by Domingos Tótora

The vases displayed by Brazilian artist Domingos Tótora complete what would arguably be one of the greatest tributes to Brazil by Tacchini Edizioni for the Milan Salone 2019. Fascinating objects between art and design, creations inspired by challenging long-held definitions, this unprecedented artistic synthesis is emblematic of the ethics of nature and craftsmanship. The Brazilian designer infuses these objects, made with recycled cardboard, with all the authentic intensity of the material which is transformed and given a new lease of life. Mantiqueira are created from a laborious, sustainable and certified process, such as recycled cardboard broken up into small elements and reduced to a semi-liquid matter. These pieces are then worked on by hand to give shape to sculptural pieces, and dried in the sun before preparing the finished product. The artistic procedure has an almost evocative nature returning to the cardboard and derived from wood, a new appearance imbued with a quality that is very similar to that of wood itself from which it is produced. Beauty and respect are the key words of a new and concrete vision of sustainable furnishing accessory.

Narciso, designed by Umberto Riva

Finally, from the furnishing accessories collection, Tacchini Edizioni serves as a true representative of the much-acclaimed Italian creativity by enriching the collection of designer rugs with a new creation designed by Umberto Riva, Narciso. Inspired by the famous painting of the same name by the globally renowned architect and designer, the Narciso rug weaves geometries and colours in an abstract subject of subtle elegance, ensconcing delicate pastel tones that seem to reflect beauty in its entire splendour, a reflection of truth and illusion. The hand-knotted piece, produced in Nepal, is made in accordance with the ancient and complex oriental process of knotting wool. Equally poignantly, Narciso is made of 100% wool Himalayan, a naturally robust and resistant material attributed to its high concentration of lanolin present in every fibre, thereby guaranteeing extreme durability of the rug over time. It is a contemporary work of art that represents a perfect synthesis of pictorial art, design and dexterous craftsmanship.

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