Tacchini Home Collection 2022: Life and Other Stories

Tacchini presents the new Tacchini Home Collection 2022. Life and Other Stories, creating an installation evoking the inspiration portrayed in the new photographs by Andrea Ferrari. On the occasion of the launch of the new catalogue, the brand continues its long-standing collaboration with Spotti Milano, selecting the spaces in Viale Piave. Enhanced by impressive and evocative backdrops, the iconic and timeless designs take over the scene with equilibrium.

“Interiors, as the combination of architecture and design, represent the most important chapters of designing: it is the moment to explore the essence of things and human being feelings. It is the way to shape a tailor made layou for each spaces, with colours, finishes and materials backgrounds and furnishings. Home as the stage where everyday life acts.” – Giusi Tacchini, CEO & Art Director

The exhibition offers an intimate tale, a dialogue that reflects the ambience and suggestions captured in the catalogue. Indeed, the imagery collected in the volume seems like a stop motion movie, narrating a universal story of everyday life.

“Photography is fragmentary: and the peculiarity of the fragment is to suggest the totality from which it emerges. In that way, Tacchini’s photographs emerged from this palace made up of many rooms. The images suggest that “archetypal” style where the modern dialogues with the memory of place, matter and light.” – Andrea Ferrari

Viale Piave 27, Milan
10 — 26 November