Tacchini Home Collection: Life and Other Stories

A home is the life experience of its inhabitants whose stories, even the most secret ones, are held in the rooms and interact with every element contained in them. Theirs is a monologue made up of movement, actions, rituals, and moments punctuated by corresponding, relative domestic time. To decorate a home means to have a certain awareness of leaving traces of everyday life in the objects and furnishings – an authentic immersion into the real, rather than an abstract process of it. In an organized manner and with exquisite elegance, Tacchini provides furnishings that are authentic icons of design, complemented by other, more recent pieces, already possessed of unique timeless charisma and personality. And this tasteful selection resonates with a space narrated by exquisite decorative terrazzo flooring, vaulted frescoed ceilings, thick austere walls that allow light and colors to penetrate through windows that seem to frame the outdoors.

A vision of dwelling in unpretentious beauty and uncomplicated opulence resides here – in a theatrical setting where culture is also nobility of thought and every influence updates its content and form. The photographs collected in this volume seem to be still shots of film in motion: following one after another, now a step ahead, in sequences of impressions that make you wonder what might happen in the next room, or just behind the sofa. This ability to narrate is such that each individual, while perusing these pages, can visualize themself watching a monologue of dwelling possibilities, but also experiencing the emotions of navigating those spaces, and not just as a spectator.

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Le Mura, designed by Mario Bellini