Tacchini: Life and Other Stories

Fascinating white. Sesann Sofa by Gianfranco Frattini and its conceptually elaborated seating system with curved volumes, as seen in our 2022 campaign “Life and Other Stories”, photographed by Andrea Ferrari, providing form, function and an atmosphere of calm.⁣
⁣ Design, simplicity, rationality and practicality in a stretch from the past towards forever. Infinite landscapes, geometric details and colonnades create a perfect scenography for design pieces that will transcend time.⁣

A space scenographically styled for the 2022 campaign “Life and Other Stories” with sinuous shapes of Sesann by Gianfranco Frattini making it the absolute protagonist. Other elements contribute to creating a refined and attractive atmosphere: Nello Spazio rug, with its charm of abstracts and the conical structured A.D.A. lamp by Umberto Riva, the minimal elegance of the Cage low table by Gordon Guillaumier, and Venus by Studiopepe, the vase celebrating femininity, beauty and harmonious shapes.⁣

Nello Spazio