The Art of Staging 2021

Eye-catching details, the little things that add up, one-by-one, work together to produce a special mood, instilling the space with beauty. The Tacchini Edizioni collection encapsulates a finely crafted selection of designer accessories, lighting and small furnishings that interact with the surrounding architectural space in an exquisite dialog, complementing the home with refined elegance.

The Aqua Regis amphora takes its name from the famous liquid named by alchemists for its ability to dissolve gold. Thrown on a potter’s wheel and made of engobed semi-refractory, the amphora is a rounded structure with a single, large lateral handle and ample footed base.

Aqua Regis, designed by Studiopepe

The cubist Pablo and Dora vases are a tribute to Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar, his companion and muse. Crafted using the coil pottery technique, the brown engobed stoneware vases are in the form of overlapping geometric shapes that create an effect of depth and three-dimensionality that varies depending on the observer’s perspective.

Pablo & Dora, designed by Studiopepe

Named Venus in honor of the planet long associated with beauty and harmonious shapes, the vase’s rounded contours celebrate femininity and the anatomical sinuousness of classical sculptures. The name for the tall Aurum vase comes from the Latin for gold, the metal that represents purity, worth and loyalty.

Venus, designed by Studiopepe
Aurum, designed by Studiopepe

As envisioned by the great master, Umberto Riva, the A.D.A. lamp takes shape, as often occurs, from other forms. Then, little-by-little, during the design and engineering stages, it is transformed and, in some regards, simplified, until it achieves its final look, reminiscent of the archetype of a table lamp. Uncomplicated, the lamp’s anatomy is formed by two truncated cones joined by a plate. Its strength derives from the material: tinted fiberglass which, illuminated from within, is translucent and offers a glimpse of the fibers from which it is made, lending texture to the light. The name A.D.A. draws a parallel between the shape of the object and the sound of the word. Made up of two A’s, Ada is the shortest symmetrical feminine name, just as the lamp’s two conical structures are a geometrical play on the same letter.

A.D.A., designed by Umberto Riva