Life and Other Stories. Tacchini Home Collection 2024

A private residence emerges among the dunes of a boundless desert landscape. Nature surrounds it, projecting indistinct shapes onto its harsh and imposing walls, where palm trees, olive trees, leaves, and blades of grass intertwine between light and shadows. This is the backdrop chosen by Tacchini to present the Life and Other Stories Home Collection 2024.

Photograph: Andrea Ferrari

Tagged as: Stories

The austerity of the external architecture leaves room for the sensuality of the internal environments, modernity joins tradition and lightness embraces materiality. The contrasts become poetry and merge with the landscape. This creates a scenography that fully captures the essence of Tacchini’s vision: warm and welcoming spaces where elegant furnishings with character stimulate reading, conversation, listening, and conviviality.

Iconic pieces of the brand, re-editions, and complements from the new collection interact with each other in perfect harmony. The raw and ancestral materials of the structure mix with the fine and artisanal materiality of Tacchini, while the warm and generous light of Morocco, filtering through cuts and openings in the walls, invites silence and contemplation.

The villa becomes the stage for a story of sophisticated contrasts and different settings, stories of how to experience the space in natural continuity with the surrounding environment, unforced. It is a story in which the dialogue continues between balance and timeless beauty, between new elements and iconic furnishings linked by a unique and recognizable style. In this home, Tacchini invites you to discover Life and Other Stories. Because behind every product, there is a story, and behind every object, there is a person.

Download Tacchini 2024 Home Collection catalogue (.pdf)
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