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A family history

The Tacchini building features an architecture structured into two storeys, a fusion of materials and spaces that blend into a complete whole, expressing its ethos and essence. Each object, each piece of furniture created in this building carries within it the hallmark of Italian design.


Like snapshots of real life, there are key players who make the stories they tell unique: in the house of Tacchini, designers are honoured guests who dress its secret rooms. Great masters who narrate their stories to their disciples, like parents who enable their children to dream before they even fall asleep: all gathered around a hearth that burns with passion and creativity. Designs become places to be explored and missions to be accomplished, moments to be experienced, and remembered forever.

Handmade in Italy

At Tacchini, hands were the first tool they learnt to harness, and they continue to use them to discern the quality and value of the materials, before transforming them, sewing them and combining them together: following ancient, knowing rhythms, retracing and honing history and memory.

Tacchini for quality

Attention to quality begins with the choice of materials, which in themselves can convey strong sensations, and are further enhanced by the regard for detail and by technological innovations, which are noticeable in every piece and every space designed by Tacchini.

Materials Library

The Tacchini collection and designs are about more than just production and processes. The history of this family, and of the company that bears its name, is interwoven with the history of Italian and international design: each chapter was written with care and attention to detail, and each product reflects this passion.

Corporate certifications

Tacchini is concretely committed to respecting the environment, as well as sustainable growth and intelligent consumption.

Product certifications

Tacchini guarantees strict monitoring in every phase of the process, with staff involvement at all levels and satisfaction and transparency in dealings with suppliers and customers.

2022 German Design Award  Pigreco

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Maestri or “masters” are those charismatic figures capable of teaching and handing down an art through their direct actions and also through the inheritance of their actual works. In design the maestri communicate through the classics, timeless designs far from any idea of fashions and trends yet so powerful as to produce a style naturally. Tacchini has set aside some rooms in its living environment for the classics and the masters who have designed them, in a process of revivals which are a challenge and a lesson on contemporary style.


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