Shaping an idea, design according to Tacchini

Author: Gaia De Santis
Director: Federica Ravera

Tagged as: Stories, Inspirations

The idea. It arises from the mystery of human creativity. It takes on shape and colour from the strokes of a pencil. And perfectly designed technology gives it substance.

The creative process is a fascinating one that manifests in the mind and materialises in substance. When Tacchini describes how this procedure occurs, people are overcome by an irresistible enthusiasm. The enthusiasm of experienced people who know how to explain things and render everything simple. They describe with the utmost clarity the characteristics of a prototype and the study that led to a product’s manufacturing strategy. And when everything is so immediate, summaries of research and tests, which may have taken a long time to carry out but are so accurate they knew immediately that they would have led to the solution, when everything is so informed, we are fascinated by the charm of professionalism. The brilliant, sincere competence you can see in the eyes of the person telling you how the structure of a re-edition has been adapted to transport it from the past into the future, from manual production to the most technologically advanced industrial manufacture, guided at all times by the historic craftsmanship of Brianza. The idea arises from the fingers, stretches out over a blank sheet of paper, takes on colour and comes to life, with the same precision and the same subtle care with which it takes on shape, then volume, and lastly substance. From designer to designed, how Tacchini savoir-faire design is created.

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