The rule of tradition, Tacchini Savoir-Faire

Author: Gaia De Santis
Director: Federica Ravera

Tagged as: Stories, Inspirations

The tradition of dedication, family principles and a little secrets.

What makes up the excellence of Tacchini Italia Forniture’s Italian craftsmanship “made in Brianza”? Where does it come from, how does it continue and grow over time, recognised as it is all over the world? It comes from a rule, a family rule with a long, respected history that is renewed with each generation. Fathers and sons, this special human and professional relationship has turned a passion into a business that exports design to every continent. In a beautiful family photo, discreetly visible to our most attentive guests in the company showroom, the founder is portrayedtogether with his two children. And if you look closely, you can immediately see the lively, intensegazes of people who have something to believe in and to strive for, the gaze of people who share a secret. A rule that turns a family into an enterprise, a skill into a trade and a vision into a philosophy. This is simply how it all began, with the courage and talent of a man who was able to put the ideas of the best architects and the most discerning designers into practice, who with great creativity and know-how was able to find highly original solutions and produce new shapes from a drawing, and comfort from impeccable detail. The result is upholstered furniture of bespoke refinement. And many stories, which become increasingly more international due to the children growing up and the contribution of every craftsman in the Company, all moved by the sameauthentic passion. The tradition of a calling, actions based on experience, the secret of time. A father taught his children the elegance of serious-mindedness, to take beauty out into the world. And his lesson comes to life every day in Tacchini savoir-faire.

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