Timeless Time

The quality of our time. The fundamental importance of the things around us in the creation of spaces that embrace our humanity. We want to show a human time. To create contexts that include aesthetics as a component of serenity and harmony in the home.

Inspired by a “timeless time” – like the inner time within each one of us – the image of the new Tacchini 2019 advertising campaign aims to make some small contribution to the beauty of private life, of time for ourselves, conveying the nature and value of the new domestic project, dedicated to the universal nature of the Tacchini collections and to their perfect adaptability to private spaces.

Andrea Ferrari’s bright shots and Maria Gabriella Zecca’s perfect styling place Jonas Wagell’s Julep collection in the interiors of an authentic, magical Genoa, with the allure of nobility, grand history and irresistible art, and the indissoluble contrasts between the elegance of the palazzi and the rebellious, foamy air of the sea wind. On the new chromatic horizon, colours evoke the palette of bygone days, albeit in a thoroughly contemporary key, achieved by the forms into which they are forged. A blend of olden-day flavours and original shapes offers a refined and creative interpretation of the coexistence between memory and design that lives within us all. The balance of tactile qualities plays on the contrast between elegant and concrete surfaces, with sophisticated yet solid materials. Starring in this campaign are Julep armchair and sofa, with the new Soap table by Gordon Guillaumier and the original artistic rug, Rituale, by Umberto Riva.

The press campaign, planned for the main daily newspapers and major sectorial magazines, will be presented in the Italian and international press throughout the course of the year.