Casual, rhythmic, intense nuances. The Jacob rug is inspired by two motifs very dear to the designer: the spotted fleece of the Jacob sheep – an ancient breed of small, piebald sheep – and the characteristic designs on the birch trunk. The carpet takes up the particular details of the sheep’s coat which then fade into the long fringes cut at one of the two ends, recreating the fascinating grain of a birch trunk. Spots and streaks follow one another in a celebration of nature and its extraordinary designs, completely irregular and absolutely perfect.

Designer: Salem van der SwaaghYear: 2024

Cod. JCBTAP300250
W 300 P 400 cm

Materials and finishes
Natural wool rug with handwoven and hand-knotted threads;
Available in white and caramel.
Fringe of the same material.



Salem van der Swaagh

Salem van der Swaagh is a material and color expert, currently based in New York, New York. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005 with a degree in textile design, Salem went on to obtain a second degree in sustainable product design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands. From there she has worked for the last decade as an expert textile designer and color specialist for a wide variety of European clients and design studios, including the JongeriusLab, Vitra, and Kvadrat. Her focus has been on woven developments as well as coloring for an expansive range of interior materials. Previously based in Berlin, Germany, she has worked in the field of ecological textile design and coloring for both product and interior, including establishing her own brand of sustainably woven interior products in 2015. Her textile designs focus on bringing a rich textural experience into the interior environment. They are a celebration of wool in all of its varied forms.