Quadro is a modular system which enables several configurations of sofas, armchairs and ottomans in a variety of combinations and dimensions addressing the needs of any space or environment with simplicity and comfort for large and small spaces. All covers are removable.

Designer: Pietro ArosioYear: 2001

Cod. OQA100
W 98 D 98 H 66 cm
H seat 36 cm

Cod. OQB70
W 70 D 98 H 66 cm
H seat 36 cm

Cod. OQD70
W 70 D 70 H 36 cm
H seat 36 cm

Cod. OQE35
W 98 D 35 H 36 cm
H seat 36 cm

Materials and finishes
Internal frame: metal frame with elastic belts covered by cold foam with metal inserts.
Base: plastic bottom with AVP steel feet.
Upholstery: fully removable cover.

Cold foam 37%

Metal inserts 35%

Upholstery 18%

Elastic belts 5%

Plastic components 3%

Steel 2%

Pietro Arosio

Pietro Arosio was born in 1946 in Lissone, near Milan. He learnt his profession at the research centre of a company specialising in the production of metal furniture for communal spaces. This experience led to the emergence of a design philosophy that developed over time through his work as an industrial designer. He began his career in 1972, and was already winning accolades in 1983, receiving the Casaviva d’Oro award. The fundamentals of his work include essentiality, research into new materials and technologies, and attention to detail and to the engineering implications of his designs. Pietro Arosio is fully aware of the emotional impact his products can have, and has worked in partnership with various internationally-acclaimed artists, including Nespolo, Del Pezzo, Hsiao Chin, Tilson, Rotella and Keizo. A number of his pieces have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and at the Munich modern art museum Die Sammlung.